Available space

Available furnished office

Comfortably furnished small private offices that can be combined into larger areas, even over 100m²

Size m² Office numbers Number of desks (*)
1-room office, about 12m² 1 floor: A2, A4, A6, B6
Ground floor: D1
1-2 room office; together 23-27 m² 1 floor: A3, A5, A7, A8, A9, B1, B5
Ground floor: D3, D4, D5
2-room office; together 36-39 m² Ground floor: D2, E4 6
1-3 rooms office; together 48-54 m² 1 floor: C1, C2
Ground floor: E1, E2

(*) More desks can be subject of negotitions

Please contact us by email or phone to get an idea of the offer or see the available space

Space for arrangement

Fully finished and functional ready to freely furnish and use office space from 100 to 2000 m²

Conference center

Modernly equipped conference and training center, 500m², allowing for flexible organization in several different training and meeting rooms for groups from 10 to 120 people